Carol Hicks Pics Carol Hicks Pics The FLY himself Al Hedison AKA David Hedison This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my sculpts because the actor who played the part is holding that head. How exciting is that. Yeah.... (sigh) Al/David Hedison looks great does he not! That's what I'm talkin' about!!! 97243387 I Zombie .... C Hicks One of the many make up jobs that David Lady has painted on my face. THANKS a LOT David. hahahahaah. 98514280 99053764 Blood Of Dracula ...Teenaged vampire After doing this sculpt ... I got the idea that I really wanted to sculpt all the female monsters out there not yet honored. We need women monsters!!!! 99047627 Edward S.H. sculpture This is one of the raw sculptures ... Edward Sissorhands ... I use that white oil base clay and the photos are somewhat difficult to see. I really like the character EdwardSH. 97326144 Edward S.H. sculpture front view Here is a straight on view of Edward Sissorhands scuplt. 97326765 99602443 The Invisible Man I enjoy doing bandages and other such things as seen here on this piece. 98360302 Leo G Carroll Leo G Carroll as Prof. Gerald Deemer who suffers from acromegaly because of his experiments gone wrong with aromic science. The movie was the 1955 film "Tarantula". 98361385 M O T H E R I enjoyed working on this piece.. it is an image that scared so many. Nothing supernatural ... just pure terror that lies within us all. 98363235 The Closet Monster from The Brain That Would Not Die This movie scared the bejesus out of me. When this monster knocks unseen on the door while being controlled by the female head on the table it is pure terror. 99049473 Jan In A Pan... from The Brain That Would Not Die Ok ... here is yet another of the females that needed done. This one was fun because I loved doing her evil demented smile. I have done more of those Lab kits than I care to remember. The cost of making those lab kits now are insane. 99050172 99051220 Christopher Lee as Dracula I loved Chris Lee. I always thought him such a strong personna. He has such a wonderful voice ... almost never used in the three most remembered films.... The Frankenstein monster, Dracula, and The Mummy. 99048059 Curse Of Frankenstein Yet another Chris Lee piece in one of those great Hammer productions. 99050546 Boris Karloff in older years I have a picture of Sara Karloff holding this head, I will try to find that picture and post it as well. 99049018 99051786 99601926 99654870 99051788 99655037 99604844 99051787 99654305 Zack side view 99748067 Zack front and below view 99874184