VINCENT PRICE  from THEATRE of BLOOD oils on masonite 



                 ELSA LANDCHESTER as the BRIDE  oils on masonite 24x36

Charles Laughton as the Hunchback of Notre Dame   oils on masonite18x24

                                 Bogey  oils on masonite 16x20

                              BRANDO    oils on masonite 18x24


               THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN oils on masonite 34x40

              CHRISTOPHER LEE as DRACULA   11X14 oils on masonite


             VINCENT PRICE as DOCTOR PHIBES  18x24  oils on masonite

                        GRANDPA MUNSTER oils on canvas 24x36


                       MARILYN MONROE  16x20 oils on masonite


               Fred Gwynne  as Herman Munster   oils on masonite 16x20


                  Lon Chaney as  the Mummy  oils on masonite 18x24

                    Bela Lugosi as Count Mora  oils on canvas 24x36

        BORIS KARLOFF from THE WALKING DEAD   16x20 oils on masonite

          THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON  oils on masonite 18x24


                  BORIS KARLOFF from the RAVEN    oils on board 20x28


               ZACKERLEY THE COOL GHOUL  oils on masonite 16x20

           GRAND OLD BORIS  in the collection of Guillermo Del Toro


                    THE WERE WOLF of LONDON  oils on masonite 16x20


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